The project "All Together"

The project "All Together" is an educational program for children and young people, high school students in the city of Vranje. Activities conducted by the "Center for Development and Integration," in partnership with the inter-municipal organizations of “Association of Blind Citizens of Serbia” Vranje in the period from June to December 2011th. Activities have been going through the training of peer educators and peer education of children in secondary schools. The aim of the project activities was to raise the level of knowledge about children with disabilities or developmental problems and to assist the inclusion of these children in mainstream schools and provide them not discrimination, but the realization of equality and friendship and better communication with peer groups within the school they attend.

The most important results of the project:

• trained 20 peer educators,
• A Handbook
• conducted 10 workshops in the program,
• 80% of participants achieved the required level of knowledge and skills,
• 80% of children have mastered the basic knowledge about the needs and problems of people with disabilities,
• 60% of the local media published some articles and newspaper articles related to the project activities

Donor - Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Division for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities