The Society for the Education of Roma – Surdulica is a nongovernmental and non-profit organization whose main goal is to bring together citizens who want to create a better tomorrow for Roma, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or creed.

The main task of the Association is: To assist the children in education and training through a variety of lectures, seminars, workshops and supplemental instruction, To provide information to all members of employment and self-employment, To organize various lectures on health care and environmental protection To organize eco-Roma education in the Roma settlements and the wider community.

The Society for the Education of Roma - Surdulica conducted activities in partnership with several civil society organizations. In partnership with the Association ''Help the Children'' in Belgrade is implementing the project'' Improving the education of Roma in south of Serbia'' where were involved 17 Roma assistants. They were distributed in primary schools and pre-schools and take role in the implementation of the preparatory preschool program. In addition, the Association has participated, more than two years in the implementation of the project ''Inclusion of Roma children in a multi-ethnic group" funded by the Roma Education Fund from Budapest. As an implementing partner of Italian Consortium of Solidarity (ICS), the Association has participated in the implementation of the IOM project "Inclusion of Elderly

Roma through Social Integration" financed by the German Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility, Future". The cooperation was established also with the local government, where the jointly developed and funded by the municipality implemented the project "Better preparation for school". As the implementing partner of local authorities of Surdulica and to University of Local Government Radomir from Bulgaria, the Association has participated in the implementation of the mirror project ''First step of cleaning the rural settlements'' in Serbia and Bulgaria funded by the EAR. Association was implemented the project "Preventive health care of Roma'' in partnership with Health center – Surdulica. The project was funded by the Ministry of Health of Serbia.