ICS - Italian Consortium of Solidarity

ICS was founded in 1993 as a response to the wish of Italian civil society to help the victims of the conflict in the ex-Yugoslavia, especially refugees.

It is a network of associations, groups, local bodies and committees, social cooperatives, consortiums and other organisations which support the promotion of international cooperation and solidarity with the people in need, in order to assert the principles of peace and non-violence, international cooperation and solidarity, human rights and justice, living together and democracy, and intercultural dialogue.

Its activities aim at the promotion of peace in conflict areas, the assistance in the development of local communities, the empowerment of local communities based upon democratic principles, the promotion of positive social values, as opposed to racism, xenophobia and social exclusion, and the stimulation the third sector as essential in all societies.

Following its initial foundation wish to help the victims of the conflict in the ex - Yugoslavia , the Italian Consortium of Solidarity as a member of the European Council for Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) has put a special effort and emphasis on activities which help refugees: providing accommodation, vocational training, financial support, language training, legal advice, promoting cultural and community integration of refugees, national and local level advocacy, giving information to returning refugees and producing publications or press releases in order to inform the public about the actual situation of refugees in the country.

Working on the integration of marginalised groups, as well as ethnic minorities, ICS pays special attention to the activities targeting Romas. ICS has transferred the experiences acquired in Italy to Serbia, where the special attention is paid to the education of Roma children, vocational training of Roma youth, prevention and health education of Roma population, and the support and assistance to elderly Romas.